By Raghvendra Rathore

Gurukul Mission

The Gurukul School of Design will be known as an institute that helps students adapt to the changing design needs of our evolving society by nurturing and honing creative individuals to become design professionals of the future, providing them with world class education in combination with traditional values of self-awareness. GSD will focus on the evolution of aesthetics from a global standpoint while encouraging students to look inwardly, while imbibing the Gurukul way of learning.

Why the need for something new?

"The Gurukul way of teaching fashion is a radical new program. The students will become self-reliant entrepreneurs when they graduate while being better citizens."

Raghavendra Rathore, Lifestyle Designer

For me, the importance of education was brought in to my life by a couple of incidents, when I was just beginning college. The one that stands out was a serendipitous meeting with a gentleman, Mr. Robert Valtz, who helped me sustain a world class education in New York. His support, with a condition that I would also help others garner quality education in the future, has led me to conceive the idea of establishing a design college.

Inspiration also came from my father, Maharaj Shri Swaroop Singh, whose influence trickled down from his philosophy of staying true to the land by utilizing local resources over other materials, hence giving back to the very society that supports you and instilling in me the need to improve and improvise systems for the better, laid the first building blocks of giving back the gift of education through design.

In a world where change is the only constant, I strongly believe that the designers of tomorrow need the opportunity to absorb an all-inclusive education. While other design schools propel the idea of focusing on one discipline, the GSD curriculum is truly multidimensional, combining Fashion Design with management and the business of fashion, while staying close to the self through a series of courses on well-being and self-management, all under one program.

*excerpts taken from the GSD website


Faculty of Pattern Making, Draping and

Garment Construction

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About the course

UGC Recognised

4 Years Course

Job Description

Designing a comprehensive educational matrix that progressively builds skills and gives valuable experience for future designers. 

Creating and coordinating a team of design educators to cover the many ways materials may be manipulated and used in the design. 

Educating in the classroom and the workshop to implement targeted learning objectives.

Lecturing and demonstrating techniques and skills in concept design and portfolio preparation.

Instruction in prototyping and creating both scale models of objects, products etc. that have been conceptualized 

Excellent knowledge of different materials, sourcing materials, and their application

Designing concepts and brainstorming 

Knowledge of budgeting special projects

Knowledge of sustainable design