Copywriting In Job Advertising

Job Advertisements

Writing a Job advertisement has always been a challenge. All recruiters struggle to keep the job advertisement balanced. 90% of the job advertisements on Indian job boards are demanding advertisements.

They generally start with “we are looking for” or “hiring 8 years experienced” etc. These advertisements focus on what is required in an applicant and have “demanding” undertone.

A study published in Journal of Business and Psychology, authored by Jones and his co-authors, Joseph Schmidt from the University of Saskatchewan and Derek Chapman from the University of Calgary found out that job advertisements which spoke about what an organisation could do for the prospective employee had a higher chance of attracting high quality talent.

Wording such as ” If you chose to be a part of our organisation, we would give you a platform to be creative and a platform to learn and hone your skills” had a better chance for attracting applications.

Remember do not lie or over quote what the job will offer. Doing so will lead to higher rate of attrition.

Moral of the story is If you want to attract better talent then write your job advertisement with an inviting tone, wherein you not only highlight what is expected from a candidate but also what the organisation has to offer so that he can meet the expectations.

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