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An Interview with the Associate Director of HR, of a Leading MNC

We are not allowed to use the name of the person interviewed. These are the brand guidelines of the MNC that the person works for.

As the world continues to grapple the COVID 19 crisis, there are many who have been caught in the crossfire. If you are someone who has been laid off during the crisis, this interview is for you.

The COVID 19 crisis has rendered many Jobless. Businesses have taken a hit and the demand globally is subdued.

How do you view candidates who have lost their job during the Pandemic?

Novel Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Businesses are still assessing the damage this has caused. My heart goes out to people who find themselves facing financial & Covid19 crisis.

When it comes to filling in the roles that we have, this crisis has created an opportunity.

An organisation like ours is now able to tap into the talent which was inaccessible earlier.

What do you mean by, "able to tap into the talent which was earlier inaccessible"?

What I mean is, before the crisis, we had a large number of the active talent pool. Now with the COVID 19 lockdown and the layoffs, there is a mix of passive candidates added to the Job applicants. These passive candidates were earlier difficult to reach out to.

Does this mean that to an organisation it does not matter if the person has been laid off? A popular but flawed perception in India has been that a person who has been laid off is redundant.

This is absurd! We are all in the midst of a black swan event. Companies are empathetic to individuals who have been a casualty of the crisis.

I feel an individual should reach out directly to HR. We are welcoming such candidates.

"Reach out directly"?

Yes! In fact, at the onset of the crisis, an individual from a competitor who was unfortunately laid off, reached out to me on LinkdIn. Today, she has been aligned for an interview with the business.

I believe an individual should reach out to HR on LinkedIn and otherwise. Should pick the phone and reach out to contacts. There are many vacancies which the companies are looking to fill. This is the time that talent should cut the middlemen out and reach out directly to companies.

"Cut the middlemen out"?


"Abhishek, I understand that this hurts your business model"

All organisations are staring at a predicament of cutting costs. This involves hiring cost. Unfortunately for business models like yours, it is a tough time.

For the companies, however, it is an opportunity to save a lot of cost of hiring. Our HR teams are working overtime to fill the roles we feel are absolutely necessary and important for our growth.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to share with the job applicants?

My advice is to keep reaching out to companies and hiring managers. Be professional in your approach. Allow them time to call you back.

Feel free to follow up but do not convert follow-ups into harassment.

"Thank you for your time as well, Abhishek. I hope this article helps a few individuals in these testing times."

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