Hard work VS Smartwork

Does the tortoise winning the race imply that hard worker trumps the smart worker?


Is the saying that Smart workers trump hard workers true?

We have heard the above saying all throughout our careers. We have experienced our colleagues/friends/family boast about smart work.

We have built a stereotype around this and have developed a bias of looking down upon hard workers.

Referencing an article published by inc.com we can understand the culture that we have built.

As humans, we eulogise the poster boys/girls. We talk about how they have built their lives and made everything look easy. No one ever looks deeper to understand their struggle. We do not talk about the insecurities they had during their journey.

If you look at any successful person from any field, you will see that they have perfected their art to the level of mastery.

This would have not been possible without extreme hard work.

To put the saying into perspective, what we are actually saying is work hard by doing smart work. This implies that an individual should break down the task into smaller tasks and then develop a chronology for its completion.

This is the methodology that is used in complex projects.

What one actually does is find the interdependence of smaller task for completion of the larger task. Back this with hard work and you have world-class output.

Next time when someone tells you smart work trumps hard work, your reply should be hard work done smartly trumps the world.

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