How to find a job? 8 easy steps

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

8 easy steps

If you are looking for a job, you are 8 steps away from your dream job.

Step 1 – Work on your CV & Cover Letter

  • Assuming you have a CV in place, you need to rework on the CV. Read the following article to know how to write a CV. Link -

  • Just like a landing page in digital marketing, your CV and Cover letter are tweaked as per your target audience.

  • One size does not fit all, I am sure that you would be applying to multiple companies and multiple roles.

  • Research about the role and modify your CV & Cover Letter accordingly. The best practice is developing 3-4 versions of your CV & Cover Letter as per your market segmentation.

Step 2 – Narrow down your search to top 10 employers and top 10 roles that you would like to apply for.

  • Once you have your list, research about the companies and job role.

  • Research what is needed for the job role.

  • Get your hands on the job description?

  • Modify your CV based on the job description of the company

  • Write a strong cover letter

  • Research and find out how the company hires for these roles.

  • Are they filled by internal recruiters?

  • Are the filled through internal references?

  • Do they outsource the role to external/agency recruiters?

  • Who are the agency recruiters hiring for the company?

Step 3 – Visit your social media profiles and clean up

  • Yes! Its true, we recruiters find your social profiles and we dig deep to get an insight into you.

  • My advice, before you put yourself in the job market, clean up your social presence. Delete the posts that could be embarrassing and jeopardise your job hunt.

Step 4 – Follow your shortlisted companies and follow the Talent Acquisition (TA) personnel

  • Set alerts for any news on your shortlisted companies. Read about them and thoroughly prepare yourself.

  • Follow the TA personnel from these companies on LinkedIn. Leave breadcrumbs by commenting on their posts and engaging with them directly through messages and inmails.

  • Establish your recall in front of the TA even before applying for a role with them.

Step 5 – Engage with an employee from the target company

  • Identify an employee who works in the same functional role as you, develop a rapport online with the person by leveraging social media.

  • Gather intel about the role from your new found friend online.

Step 6 – Research agency recruiters working for your TG

  • Connect with the recruiter and build a rapport. Engage frequently and ask for Intel regarding the company and the role.

  • Find out who is responsible for hiring for the role you are interested in? Ask for their help in reaching out to the concerned person.

  • Its a give and take relation, help the recruiter with a mandate they are struggling upon. A small step such as adding the recruiter to a professional job seeker group on WhatsApp or sharing the open mandate with your colleagues or simple and straightforward helping the recruiter with a reference can earn you a lot of brownie points

Step 7- Use the intel to reach out to the right manager

  • If you have succeeded in step 4, step 5 and step 6, next up is to combine the Intel and reach out to the concerned TA.

  • Use a reference to connect, it could be their employee who have befriended or it could be the agency recruiter who the TA works with.

Step 8 – Follow up

  • Once you have connected follow up regularly.

  • Out of sight is out of mind. Keep your recall up by connecting socially with the TA personnel

  • Ask your reference to enquire about your application.

  • Remember you are already knocking on 10 doors, one of them should open up for you.

  • Once you have the interview call, refer to our article on interviews.

All the best for your next job!

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