How to Write a CV, 10 Easy Steps.

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

10 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Write more than a page if required

Your CV is an insight into your professional career. In case your CV runs more than a page, do not hesitate. Write what is professionaly relevant to your career.

Step 2 - List professional experience before your education qualification

A recruiter is scanning through your CV to understand your fitment to the job description. List your latest experience first followed by the next in line.

Step 3 - Use Bullets

Use bullets to make reading your cv easier for the recruiter. Highlight the sentences you want to draw attention to. Spend time to develop a flow of writing the CV to make it readable and liked by the recruiter.

Step 4 - Talk about your professional achievements

Instead of writing that you have been an agent of change or a team player in your current role, highlight how did you bring the change or quote the instances where you showed that you were a team player. Mention with statistics and facts. Write about recognitions you might have received in your career.

Step 5 - Have a professional email id and a working mobile number on your CV

No recruiters wants to call a number which is not in use currently or is missing a digit. Always check that your cv has your latest and working number. Also remember to create a professional sounding email id. No one likes to send an email to "babydoll123@abc".

Step 6 - Keep your CV updated

Remember to update your CV regulalry. In case there is a long gap in updation, you would definitely miss out to mention a few key points on the CV. So if you revisit the CV regulalry you have a better chance of being shortlisted for your next job role.

Step 7 - Social Media

Power up your CV with your social handles mentioned. A recruiter would appreciate the help and would not have to search your social profile. P.S Recruiters look for your social profiles to get a deeper insight into your candidature.

Step 8 - Mention Dates whereever applicable

Most of the recruiters struggle to determine the timelines on the CV. Remember your CV has a better chance of getting shortlisted if you have taken the pain to mention dates in front of your employments and qualification.

Step 9 - Highlight Gaps in employment/qualification

Take out time to consider filling the details related to the gaps in your career. No one has a problem with the gaps, all they need to know is the reason for such gaps. So mention gaps in chronological order vis your employement/qualification and mention the reason for the gaps.

Step 10 - Fonts & Colors

Please use subtle color tones. Use limited fonts in the text. Yes! the presentation of the cv will help you in get the next job call. Visit for CV designs.

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