Invest in your Recruitment Career

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Invest into your recruitment career

1. Build your social presence

Recruiters should start by investing time into developing their social profiles. Digital is the future and seldom it happens that a candidate does not research your social profile.

There is someone out their always looking at your social presence. Be where the action is, there is no excuse for your inability to use a particular social network.

Start with a strong digital presence on the top 3 networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep your profiles updated and regularly find content to post online.

Ensure you have great headlines on your social profile with a “about you” section built with care. Link back to your Blog/ your social profiles and your company website.

2. Develop great content

Content is King, develop content based on your buyers persona. Rich targeted content can attract a lot of the right talent to you.

In case you haven’t started working on the same, start today by building your blog. Have the discipline to regularly post and build a strong recruiter brand online

3. LinkedIn

Regularly pay a visit to “Social Selling Index” on LinkedIn and see how your profile stands amongst your peers.

Work towards standing higher and monitor your progress. Content will bring more viewers to your profile, so always be publishing great content.

Participate on discussions and comment on content which you value. If you haven’t started participating in groups, now is the right time. Get started by joining groups and value adding to discussions. If you cannot find a discussion to participate in , start a discussion.

4. Personalize your communication

Do not just copy, paste text one after the another. Personalize your messages. Spend time in researching your about your prospect and find a way to add a personal touch to the communication with your prospect

5. Break the Ice

Plan your calls, written texts, content for your targeted audience. Do not think one medicine works on all. Remember developing a strong relationship with your audience pays for rich dividends in the future.

Take out time and be imaginative in how you can develop better communication techniques and break ice to build strong rapport with your audience.

6. Be quick and find quality

Hustle each day and be the quickest among the lot without compromising on quality. A hiring manager would be happier to find two relevant prospect for a role than 10 not meeting the standards.

Be very critical about the quality and strive each day to be better at your sourcing.

Do not wait for a role to come by, instead be proactive in identifying the right talent beforehand and in investing time to break ice with the talent.

7. Get trained on soft skills

Whether your organization finds time to develop your soft-skills or not, be proactive about your own career. Get trained on skills like – Communication, Negotiations, Emotional Intelligence, Organizing abilities and Time Management.

Your career is at stake and don’t be a dinosaur in the digital age. Spend time on developing soft skills


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