My Experience - Outbound Training, Into The Wild

This November I had a chance to go on an official trip to #syaat with my colleagues. It was nothing less but a life changing experience.

We at Koinage are motivated to work hard and smart by organisation of such trips and also other engagement activities.

Into The Wild

We started in the morning around 7 and took a bus to sayat camp. The bus journey itself was a sign to an amazing adventure and fun that was lying ahead for all of us.

The Indian idol in us was one common shared attribute ,Irrespective of the quality. Haha!

On reaching the camp we were welcomed with scrumptious and delicious pahadi delicacy.

Post the tummy filling session ,there on we started with the adventure and the sole purpose of our trip which was to have a better insight of our own personalities in vulnerability or like we would like to say “in the wild”.

Certain team building and strategising tasks ensured us that apart from cooperating with each other at work we particularly were to make sure that such quality of us as a team was adhered in those maniacal activities as well.

We definitely did not ace the tasks that was given to us but from our mistakes we learnt how to bridge the gap that leads to success.

Post the activity we had a brain storming session conducted by the #wildrift management who made this dream like adventure trip come true and of course by our managers as well.

We were introduced to our mistakes in a manner that guaranteed us there is always something to learn only when one steps out of their #comfortzones and tries. Trying is something one should never get tired of trying.

Next day was the craziest of all where we had to trek 3kms down the hill by the river side in order to cook a delicacy for ourselves and the #wildrift team.

I am really thankful for the kind of faith they had in our culinary skills. Haha!

I on the other hand discovered a side of me unknown which was of chopping the veggies. With the kind of pace I was chopping them all I was so proud of myself, something I knew i will be blabbering about in all the family gatherings. But to be honest cooking in the wild where we started from collecting all of the essentials from woods to utensils that was just not all.

There was something else for us in store a mission and puzzle to be solved while we tour the village on a bicycle. Yes you read that right! Cycling up and down the hill. Lets not talk of the kilometres cause I honestly lost track of it. There were moments where I legit wanted to give up but keeping the mission and goal in my mind I knew if this is where I stop I knew it will be very hard for my team to reach the ultimatum goal and accomplish the allotted task.

So I pushed myself hard,cycled my heart out and fulfilled the desired. That was another pat in the back moment for me.

I am really grateful for this opportunity that #Koinage gave me to know myself a little more better and also taught me to pay attention to my surroundings.

There are opportunities with the best of utilities around we just need to formulate on our thinking and use it in an efficient manner and identify what is supposed to be. I would never seldom have done or performed activities like trekking in the wild at midnight.

The kind of the beauty that lies when you step out in the vulnerability is unexplainable and hard to put into words. Extremely overwhelmed with the activities that #Koinage endorses. Discovering yourself knowing your limits and strength is what this beautiful trip to #saayat has taught me. Looking forward to such eventful adventures which certifies nothing but success to ourselves and the team.

Thank you #koinage for being the best reflector of our inner hidden strengths and competencies. The mirror we all need to help us shine and grow.

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