Why use a paid recruitment management software over free software?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Paid VS Free ATS

A lot of small business look out for software to manage their recruitment process. This software also is best known as Applicant Tracking Systems can be bought online. Generally, they are priced for per id per month.

However the cost of this software is a detriment for a small business and most of the small business lookout for free software online.

We have been among the few businesses who faced a similar kind of problem. We also looked out for free options however we realized that although there are options but they may not be the best.

Below is a comparison between the paid solution and free solution

Based on the above argument, the better choice is to use an affordable recruitment management software which meets your business needs. There are many such software in the market and we recommend you try tekruit.com, (email queries to sales@tekruit.com) it's an in-house software developed by the recruiters for the recruiters. The software is designed to meet your business needs without being a determent in costing.

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