Recruitment in the age of Web 2.0

Recruitment in the age of web 2.0

How has recruitment changed over the years?

From a job provider market to a job seeker market. Over the decades the process of hiring has shortened and evolved into the digital space. Gone are the days when a recruitment advertisement in papers would guarantee high quality talent. In today’s time it is the quality of the content which attracts talent.

From a very few touch points we have evolved into an era where there are multiple touch points for the talent. With multiple touch points the idea of candidates experience has come into focus. Not only are the recruiters working on hiring quality talent but also on the experience that talent has while interacting with the brand.

The entire recruitment process is going under a change. Today a recruiter is a digital marketer. Portals are not enough to hire quality talent, social media plays a pivotal role.

Recruiters profile online is as important as the candidates profile. The reputation that one builds online, facilitates the career progression. In the age of internet and sophisticated marketing techniques, recruitment needs to pace with the change. Resisting the change will only harm your recruitment career. Adapt and keep upgrading skills is the new age mantra.

Big data and machine learning and A.I. will change the landscape of recruitment faster than one can imagine.

Companies need to skill recruiters in digital marketing and data analytics apart from employer branding and customer engagement techniques.

The world is changing and so shall we.

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