Sports An Icebreaker At Workplace

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

An age old saying “if you want to make friends, you should play together”

Sports have an immense power to develop key skills needed by an individual to succeed in life.

Sports An Icebreaker

Let's take a look at how sports can act as an icebreaker at the workplace and aid in developing key skills.

Team Spirit :

Team games cannot be won by individual brilliance. Even though an individual can play the role of an MVP (Most Valued Player), individually they cannot win the game.

At your workplace handpick diverse individuals and make them part of two teams. Make the two teams compete with and watch them carefully to see how the diverse individuals come together to achieve the shared goal.

Make sure you pick team games in the first place

Competitiveness :

Making an individual participate in multiple sports boosts the competitiveness of that individual which in turn increases overall competitiveness of the firm

Personality Traits :

Individuals display personality traits while playing sports. Non-verbal cues exhibit qualities which until now were unknown in an individual.

Sports bring out qualities like #sportsmanship, #fairplay, #nevergiveupattitude etc

Organizing such events can help an organization identify such qualities in an individual

Icebreaker :

Building upon our previous point, during a team game, individuals get to know each other better by collaborating together to achieve the shared goals.

Until now individuals who did not know each other, now have an opportunity to play as a team and learn more about each other during the play. They collaborate, rely and build trust in each other's abilities.

Eventually, they become more familiar with each other and develop comradeship.

Respect :

Another aspect of sports is that it leads to individuals respecting each other. Even the opponents are respected for their skills and qualities in a sport.

We at #koinagehr organize an annual sports week every year in December. This annual exercise has helped us build stronger teams and identify star individuals.

If you are a small business and looking for activities to boost your team morale, we strongly suggest you should consider organizing sports. In case you do not have the infrastructure or time to organize outdoor sports, you should research for indoor games. We recommend #carrom #chess as some of the options.

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