Surviving the Pandemic (Jobseeker dilemma)

The great recession brought by a black swan event such as this. Disrupting normal course of life and changing consumer behaviour.

Are you someone who has been caught in the crossfire? Are you someone whose years of hard work has been washed away?

You are not alone. Millions and Millions of people across the globe find themselves in the same spot.

The pandemic has pushed us out of our comfort zones, we find ourselves staring at an uncertain future. This uncertainty brings about, clouds of despair and fear.

What can we do to survive this and evolve?

Step1. First and the foremost is to accept the circumstances as they are.

Next, you need to understand that you are not alone. The hiring manager knows that the hiring landscape has changed forever.

They will find a lot of good/great talent which has been laid off due to the pandemic.

Step2. Conduct a SWOT analysis. See if your skills will be relevant in post COVID world. If you find your self in a place where your skills may not be required in the future, this is the best time to reskill.

Step3. Identify the skills you would like to acquire. Come up with a budget and a timeline for the same. Research and apply for an online course.

During your research, reach out to hiring managers/business owners who may want to hire you once you have the requisite skills.

Step4. Network online with people who are in similar space as you are in. Figure out what they are doing to survive and evolve in the changing environment.

Build genuine connections which will last a lifetime. Offer your advice and lend an ear to theirs.

Step5. Remain absolutely positive. This shall pass too. The world has seen kingdoms rise and fall, world wars and pandemics. Remember each time the human spirit has bounced higher from the previous lows.

Time for you to begin the bounce back, you cannot hit lower than you already have.

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