The impact of COVID 19 pandemic on the work environment.

Impact on Key drivers for employee success?

1. Recognition: As per research, employee recognition leads to higher engagement at work. Since the COVID pandemic, organization have been forced to adapt to a digital work environment. Where does this leave us with recognition?

No more trophies or certificates to place on desks. No more peer group to appreciate in person. No more managers to acknowledge efforts in person. No more casual meetups to celebrate success.

How does the new norm impact the motivators? A begging question which the brightest of Human Resource minds would be trying to answer.

2. Socialising - Did you know that most people work to be a part of a community. The workplace becomes essential for building that community. In a survey before the pandemic, it was found that only 17% out the people surveyed, work from home. Since we are forced to adapt to digital life, how do we engage our workforce?

3. Distrust- Another impact of remote working is a distrust amongst peers. The feeling of being out of the loop, even if there is no loop. The feeling of being misjudged about your commitment to work, even though you are as committed as you were.

How will HR address these issues?

These are questions to be answered. With time, organizations will truly recognize the impact of forced WFH.

Impact on Workspace?

COVID will force a lot of realtors to face the brunt of changing work environment. On one side, organizations are forced to adapt to the new normal of WFH, on the other they are seeing the benefit it has on the cost.

Even if 20% of the global organization shift to permanent WFH, there will be an impact on real estate. However, on the flip side, will this not lead to demand for CO-Working place?

Will, the teams in such organizations, not want to meet once or twice a week?

Does this open up an opportunity for the hospitality sector? Could they offer space in the working hours with a cafeteria menu?

COVID 19 has disrupted work like never before. While it has destroyed many business models, it has also thrown opportunities.

Impact on rentals?

Will the COVID 19 crisis impact the rentals in overcrowded metropolitan cites? Will the employees rather move back to the city of their origin?

How is the migration looking? Labour intensive units saw a large scale migration during the onset of the pandemic. Where does it leave us with white-collar employees?

Will the pandemic flatten the skewed curve of development in our nation?

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