Time Management- 24 Hours is all you got

We all struggle to do more with our time. Without learning how to manage time efficiently we will never be able to reach our optimum level.

24 Hours

The only way we can do more with our time is when we strive to change how we see time.

Let’s devise a path to manage our time more efficiently.

  1. Set Goals- Time management begins with defining of clear goals. While you are thinking of your goals, divide the same between “Personal” and “Professional”. Further, sub-divide to “short term” and “long term”. This exercise will let you have a clear picture of what’s important to you and where your time should be spent.

  2. Treat time as commodity- Instead of treating time as an infinite, treat it as a perishable commodity. You have only 24 hours, use them wisely.

  3. Take an account of your 24 hours- Make a table and record activities that consume your 24 hours for min 7 days. Don’t worry about the activities just record the time spent on them. E.g. “ 8 hours of sleep” Record approximate figures if it’s a matter of minutes and not hours.

  4. Analyse 24 hours - Next up is to analyse your collated data. The analysis will throw up the activities that dominate your time.

  5. Reclaim your 24 hours - Replace the activities that are not important to reach your goals with the activities that are. This way you are able to reclaim your time. E.g. - Instead of driving to work in metropolitan cities where you easily spend 2-3 hours a day on road, use alternate transportation or shift near to your workplace. This way you can reclaim your time and utilise the same towards reaching your goals.

  6. Bucket your tasks- Next up is to bucket your tasks. By bucketing or grouping your tasks, you are able to devote the optimum time needed for similar tasks.

  7. Use technology- use technology to organise your task flow. Do not clog your mind with a task schedule, instead use technology to organise your tasks and to prompt you when a particular activity is due.

  8. Snooze your non-important communication- learn to snooze information that’s not immediately needed. Instead of burdening your mind with all information shared, snooze the ones not needed and use the one needed.

  9. Assess your progress - regularly assess your progress. Modify your strategy where needed, examine what worked. This way you can easily replicate the successful steps and reassess the ones that did not work.

  10. Learn to say no- the only person who would bear the fruits of your achievements is you. Learn the art of saying no to people, activities, that eat your most precious commodity which is your 24 hours. Unless you stand firm towards your goal, you are bound to fall prey to the time hoggers.

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