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ATS Optimized | Job board optimized. 

Our team researches the industry best practices and optimizes the CV to appear in recruiter search.

Over a decade of recruitment experience. Our team has expertise in different industries and identifies the common mistakes that candidates make while writing their own cv. 

All CV's are tailor-made basis customer discussion. Our experts spend quality time discussing and identifying customer requirements. 



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Increase Interview Calls- Get shortlisted more often. Our experts have extensive experience in Recruitment and know what the recruiters scout for in a CV.

Impress your interviewers with a professionally written CV.

Higher chance of getting selected and commanding better ctc package. Our experts know how to present your skills best optimized for the job role

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Why do I need a resume writing service?

Professional resume writers know what the recruiters scan for in a CV, they also know how the keywords are matched by the ATS. Besides they know how to present your invaluable skills to the prospective employers. Therefore using a professional service increases the chance of your getting shortlisted for an interview. 

How long does it take to write a resume?

Our standard TAT for writing a cv is a maximum of 7 working days. 

How many times can I get my CV edited?

 You can have your cv re-edited for a period of 15 days from the date of creation of the final draft. Once the CV has been okayed by you, you can reach out to us in case you face any problem. 

We provide email support. All our emails are answered within 24 hours


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